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Big Squeeze U-1 (Self Service Model)

Ultimate Floor Mat Cleaner
Patent Pending

BIG SQUEEZE-MODEL #U-1 Ultimate Model The U-1 Self Service Model cleans carpet and rubber floor mats with the aid of water, chemical and high speed nylon brushes. It uses extraction, vacs, hot air, and rollers to dry the mats. Built with safety in mind for the public use everything is locked into place, along with emergency shut off switches.
  • 47 inches wide
  • 57 inches high, and 63 inches deep (front to back)
  • Water hook up is a regular garden hose
  • All Machines come with a 5 gallon of J-KO Ultimate all purpose cleaner.
  • Water, Chemical, and time to clean a mat is all adjustable depending your specific needs
  • All water/chemical discharged can be recycled
  • Runs on 208 volts, 35 amps single phase
  • Long lasting nylon brushes
  • Durable rubber rollers
  • Greaseable bearings
  • One year parts warranty
  • Emergency stop along with Kill switch built into machine for customer safety
bill acceptor Run time per mat can be set at 35, or 50 seconds.
Comes standard to run at $2.00 for 3 minutes 30 seconds in the U.S. This option is adjustable and can be changed for any customer, or for our International customers.

The U-1(Self Service Model) has a bill acceptor but also comes standard with either the Sensortron or Multitron coin acceptor by GinSan.