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Big Squeeze U-1 (Full Service Model)

Ultimate Floor Mat Cleaner
Patent Pending

BIG SQUEEZE-MODEL #U-1 Ultimate Model The U-1 cleans carpet and rubber floor mats with the aid of water, chemical, and high speed nylon brushes. It uses extraction, vacs, hot air, and rollers to dry the mats.
  • 47 inches wide
  • 57 inches high, and 63 inches deep (front to back)
  • Water hook up is a regular garden hose
  • All Machines come with a 5 gallon of J-KO Ultimate all purpose cleaner.
  • Water, Chemical, and time to clean a mat is all adjustable depending your specific needs
  • All water/chemical discharged can be recycled
  • Runs on 208 volts, 35 amps single phase
  • Long lasting nylon brushes
  • Durable rubber rollers
  • Greaseable bearings
  • One year parts warranty
Run time per mat can be set at 35, or 50 seconds.