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Big Brush BA-5

Floor Mat Cleaner with Bill Acceptor
Patent Pending

Big Brusher BA-5The BA-5, a dry mat cleaner, was developed for the self-service and in-bay automatic car wash industry, and offers the same quality performance as our CO-5. The only difference is that this machine includes bill acceptor. Fully enclosed heavy gauge stainless steel construction for safety and durability. Time remaining is shown on the digital display. The BA-5 provides an extra service for the customer, automatic and hands free it cleans and grooms mats in under 9 seconds.

groom appearance

  • Mats up to 27" wide
  • Dry mats only!
  • Removable dirt tray for easy cleaning!
  • Weatherproof for in or outdoor use!
  • All stainless steel construction
  • 2 High-Speed Nylon Brushes
  • 12 greaseable bearings
  • 110 volts standard power
  • Height 55"
  • Width 47"
  • Depth 36"
  • Weight 340 lbs.
  • One year parts warranty

The BA-5 has a bill acceptor but also comes standard with either the Sensortron or Multitron coin acceptor by GinSan.
bill acceptor