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The people behind J-KO Company understand the need for durable and reliable car wash equipment. J-KO got its start in 2000 when Jon Kolquist, the founder, developed a floor mat cleaner for his own full-service car wash. Jon had tried all of the available mat cleaners on the market at the time and found that the more he ran the machines the quicker they wore out, and when they did, it was difficult to get replacement parts because all of the machines were built overseas. Jon decided to design and build a floor mat cleaner himself for his own car wash. This machine became the NW-1, designed to dry and groom mats after being sprayed off with a prep washer.

Jon started going to car wash conventions and met other people in the industry who, like him, had the same problematic experiences with floor mat cleaners. Jon listened to what they had to say. They told him they wanted a machine that would mimic vacuuming mats. Jon built the BB-4 in response to their input. The BB-4 is a dry mat cleaner that achieves a better result than beating and vacuuming mats, at a quicker pace, while requiring less labor. Meanwhile, the WW-2 was developed to function similar to the NW-1 but it uses water to help rinse off soap. Jon continued listening to what people wanted. He developed the CO-5 to resemble the BB-4, with a coin acceptor added on for customers to use. Then the BA-5 was introduced with a bill acceptor. For express car washes, the BB-X offers a free mat cleaner for customers to operate. It has a start push button and an automatic turn off after 2 minutes.

All of our machines were developed to withstand the harsh winters of northern Minnesota. That is why we continue to only use stainless steel. Our machines were designed for heavy use, to last a long time, which is why we can offer a free parts warranty. All of our machines are made in the U.S.A., designed and developed for the operator's and customer's needs. Don't be fooled. No one else has done what we have done. J-KO has branched out to car rental agencies, limo services, and more. We will continue to listen and adapt to the needs of car washes and their customers. Check out our latest model: the U-1. It cleans carpet and rubber mats with water and a special chemical. All excess water and chemical is drained and can be recycled. The U-1 uses extraction, vacuums, hot air, and rollers for effective drying. Read from our customer testimonials page and see for yourself the results that others have had with their car washes and our machines, and their experience working with J-KO.


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J-Ko is a member of the following organizations:
International Carwash Association Southeastern Carwash Association Southwest Car Wash Association
We Accept:
Flagstop Express Car Wash with Our BB-X machines

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